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6th Sep 2010, 3:00 AM

So I'm kinda lazy to do a new comic, but thankfully I remembered that a certain Brooke McEldowney sent me a guest strip. I never heard of this guy before, but apparently he makes 2 comics: "9 Chickweed Lane" and "Pibgorn", and he also loves to read Blub Cheese. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about his work. In fact, his comics are downright awful. But since I have nothing else to post, there you go. Need I explain that this is completely non-canon and there are actually no fairies or gampiric tentacle monsters in Blub Cheese universe? I think not.

EDIT: hello SA! Long time megathread lurker here. Keep on making me laugh!

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Gweedo Murray

Gordon H.
6th Sep 2010, 1:48 PM

I read Pibgorn and 9 Chickweed... Some of the regulars are in a snit over the 'toon' I THINK IT'S FUCKIN' HILARIOUS !!!! If Brooke actually sent you that, then it shows me he's even funnier than he lets on at the mainstream places. Love cartoon parodies.

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well done

dc money
28th Nov 2010, 8:03 AM

very funny and well done - you should be posting more stuff like this to the comics megathread. I am also a lurker but lack your mad phat comic satirizing skills, so i have an excuse.

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